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Prism Turns Text Requirements Into Code

Value Proposition

Modern City


Improve Responsiveness to Business Needs.  Dramatic increase in speed and quality of software development; improves ability of business to respond to market dynamics


Talent Risk Reduction.  Reduced need for technical talent as Prism automates coding


Reimagine Business.  More focus on requirements enables business leaders to re-imagine their business


Explicit requirements models reduce lifecycle development costs as future teams have visibility into what was built

Business Analysts [Non-Engineering]

Business Analysts can increase probability they will get exactly what they need with more complete requirements


Drudgery of requirements specification is minimized


Take greater control of software use for business advantage


Faster delivery of applications


Software Engineering & DevOps

Helps software developers speed overall application development and reduces modeling and code generation burdens.


Puts the burden of specs on the analysts with Prism acting as an effective communications bridge


Internal customers are likely to be more satisfied


Reduce the historical friction between bus and technology groups


Reduce delay in software development and deployment


Become partners with business analysts in furthering bus objectives

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