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Rapid, Flexible Business Transformation Technology

Outcome-based solution in 90 days.
Automate for efficiency and scale.

Solutions to Create Efficiency and Enable Scale


AI enabled business process automation

Document Processing

NLP solutions for all types of document processing (structured, forms based, semi-structured and unstructured)

Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization, including smart logic discovery from existing systems

Systems Rationalization

Merge, integrate, replace existing systems.  Overlay updated business logic, user experience, on top of existing systems

Constraint Based Optimization

Optimize complex business operations

Case Study

PrismX optimized HVAC company's client servicing operations.


Constraint based Optimization for a Services Firm. Planning function optimization. 


In just 30 days, PrismX:

  • Developed an MVP for constraint-based optimization of scheduling and routing across hundreds of technicians, storage locations, routes, vans and multi-dimensional client SLAs

  • Significantly reduced overall processing time

Delivery Van

30-Day Free Pilot

This offer expires on February 28th

Pilot Highlights

Cost: $0

Duration: 30 Days

Context and Data: Yours

Your Time Commitment: Minimal

Pilot Deliverables

Working Solution + Code base Business Process Analysis Documentation

Pilot Experience

Experience PrismX’s fuss free, practical and quick solution design and delivery process


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