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Focus on your business. Take technology for granted.

PrismX Business Transformation Technology

Best Practices and Decades of Enterprise Business Process Transformation, Digital Transformation and AI Experience Codified in PrismX

System Assisted Requirements Capture

System Assisted Business Process Modeling

Auto Generation of end-to-end Working Application

Advanced NLP Capabilities


PrismX is vertically and horizontally scalable. Rapid deployment of extensions and new modules.

Mobile Application

All PrismX solutions delivered as Web, iOS and Android applications.

SaaS Support Options

Option to pay for PrismX applications on the basis of volume and utilization. We also offers turn key operations support for solutions built on PrismX.


Constant flexibility enabling continuous adaptability to business and environmental changes.


90 Days to Operations for most solutions. Incremental changes thereafter in near real time.

Information Security

Fully secure applications with 3rd party certification.

PrismX Key Features

Key Features

What Our Customers Are Saying

Happy Couple

"The team achieved remarkable results with far reaching implications. Their platform has also greatly enhanced the DHE’s ability to ensure compliant operation of the Optional Retirement Plan.”

-Director of Retirement Plans at the Department of Higher Education (DHE), Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Woman Sprinting

"We loved our experience working with PrismX. They were more than software developers, they were thought partners and helped make our product even better than we imagined it. We can't imagine where we would be without them!"

-Chief Product Officer, BrightUp


Transforming Key Industries

Modern Building


PrismX’s Business Transformation Technology is ideally suited for the speed and flexibility you need for growth and diversification while finding efficiencies and savings in your current operations.


We support your mission and goals by bringing our Digital technology and talent to build the technology backbone you need, and shorten your path to sustainability and scale.

Science Class
Government Building Columns


Enabling State Governments to focus on what matters most: operations, policy and program implementation by rapidly automating complex business processes while modernizing and rationalizing entrenched IT ecosystems.  We deliver effective solutions to improve transparency in government and its interactions with citizens.


The speed and efficiency of our platform and development process removes all technology constraints, affordably, as you go to market and experiment with new ideas.

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